Annual Report 2013

Pioneering the digital age.

Creating new perspectives Winning with partners

We are one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunications and information technology. To reinforce this position, we must strengthen our innovation capacity. This ultimately also benefits our customers, since innovative technology enables us to deliver the best networks – above all for mobile communications – and to offer our customers innovative products and services.

Our aim is to pioneer the digital age. The basis that we will use to do so remains unchanged, namely our high-speed broadband infrastructure for the fixed and mobile networks. The volume of data that is transported and stored is growing astronomically. In the coming years, we will therefore have to – and will – go on investing heavily in infrastructure.

Activities in Germany will center around building out the LTE network in mobile communications and on fiber-optics and vectoring technology in the fixed network. In addition to this, we will develop ‘hybrid’ products in which we combine the benefits of fixed and mobile communications, namely capacity and speed. Here, LTE and vectoring will interact to increase bandwidth. IP transformation is the prerequisite for successful implementation of our integrated network strategy and thus represents the basis for all our future products and services. Building also continues on the nationwide LTE network in the United States. T-Mobile US has initially rolled out the 4G/LTE network in seven major U.S. metropolitan areas covering now 209 million people. In Europe, expansion of the LTE network is also making good progress. In 2013, we rolled out LTE technology in Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Montenegro and the F.Y.R.O. Macedonia.