Annual Report 2013

Group strategy.

Successful strategy implementation in 2013
Successfully shaping our future with our updated “Leading Telco” strategy

We are one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunications and information technology. This is backed by our broad product portfolio for consumers and business customers, more than 170 million customers and investments of over EUR 11 billion.

Results of our “telco plus” Group strategy.

In 2010, we formulated the “Telco Plus” Group strategy with which our activities were again aligned in the reporting year. It was the basis for our success in the past years. As graphic 15 shows, “Telco Plus” comprised four areas of operation, all customer-oriented. From 2014 we will focus on our new “Leading Telco” strategy.

G 15
“Telco Plus” corporate strategy.
“Telco Plus” corporate strategy