Annual Report 2013

HR strategy.

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Day in, day out, our employees are behind everything we offer our customers in terms of products and services. They are the ones who create groundbreaking innovations and make our claim to offer the best service in the business come true. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing our competitiveness by having the right people in the right place. Specifically, this means allowing our workforce to be innovative, encouraging each individual employee’s talents, and simplifying our working conditions and operations to create even more space for new ideas and personal development.

Our clearly formulated HR strategy reflects this philosophy: “Human Resources (HR) accelerates the success of the Company and its employees.” In other words, we want to exert a measurable influence over the success of our Company and its employees.

When it comes to setting priorities in our HR work and fleshing out the details, we are guided by the Group strategy, whilst also incorporating all relevant external factors. These include long-term trends such as globalization, individualization, sustainability, demographic change, and the Group’s competitive environment. At the same time, we never lose sight of our internal values, including our Social Charter, Code of Conduct, and Guiding Principles.

In conclusion, our HR work is consistently centered around four fundamental strategic directions: “productivity,” “performance,” “power” and “simplicity.” For 2013, we have formulated four key themes, the HR Big 4, which translate our HR vision and strategic directions into more specific terms.

  • Productivity – We want to boost the productivity and commitment of our workforce. In 2013, we focused on careful management of the internal and external workforce structure (HR Big I).
  • Performance – We are keen to encourage each individual to develop and to accept responsibility. In the year under review, we concentrated on developing inspiring leadership principles to encourage and reward top performance (HR Big II).
  • Power – The organization must become more fluid, and strengthen its individual members. Devising modern work environments where professional experience and knowledge can be shared and enhanced was therefore a priority (HR Big III).
  • Simplicity – We have an ongoing commitment to ensure that HR issues are clearly and simply implemented. Attention therefore focused on refining our HR processes and products (HR Big IV) in the reporting year.

We continued to successfully implement our HR strategy in 2013. Selected examples of our successes in each of the four strategic directions are outlined below.