Annual Report 2013

Responsibility – business model of the future.

Sustainable value creation Measurable progress Contribution to society

We are one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunications and information technology. We assume corporate responsibility (CR) in the social and ecological areas, and our aim is to play a leading role in our industry in this field. In our Group-wide CR strategy, which we have derived from our Group strategy, we are committed to the principles of sustainable corporate governance.

Our business operations have high social, ecological and economic relevance. ICT products, services and in particular our networks play a vital role in creating the conditions required for a competitive and sustainable society: our networks are the highways and railroads of the 21st century. We are a trusted companion in an increasingly complex digital world – at home and at work, anyplace, anytime. We want to simplify and enrich people’s lives in the long term. This is our mission.

We create the conditions needed in such areas as climate protection, healthcare services and the transportation business to make it easier for people to cope with the challenges that lie ahead and, in doing so, make our contribution to social value added. We make our customers’ lives easier, for instance by migrating the complex operation of hardware and software to our computing centers. The processes required to do this run with maximum energy and resources efficiency in the cloud. This is made possible by high-performance servers working at optimum capacity in computing centers with optimized energy efficiency. With our ICT solutions, transports and numerous industrial processes consume far fewer resources and cause less harm to the climate.

We assume social responsibility not only by putting our customers in a position to act more sustainably but, as ICT experts, also assume responsibility in generating value added for society in procurement, in the management of our Group and in our social commitments. This calls for central policies and guidelines, Group-wide targets and the appropriate organization in our Group. Our object is to maintain a balance between a universal approach which is as effective as possible for the entire Group on the one hand and sufficient implementation scope for individual national companies on the other. The framework for achieving this is our CR strategy.

In 2013, we reached three key milestones. Our revised Social Charter now places even greater emphasis on the observance of human rights. Besides this, our Board of Management approved an international climate protection target, which renders the progress we make in climate protection measurable, and a Group-wide CR policy, which underlines the high significance of our social responsibility.