Annual Report 2013

Measuring sustainable performance.

Across the Group, Deutsche Telekom strives for sustainable business development. “We take responsibility” means that we square up to the challenges facing society as a whole and are committed both to the environment and to society. The strategic orientation of corporate responsibility (CR) is derived from our Group strategy. We define specific areas of focus, such as climate protection or ensuring a sustainable supply chain. In 2013, we achieved significant milestones, including the further development of our Social Charter and adoption of an international climate protection target. We have developed CR-specific steering parameters, known as our CR key performance indicators (CR KPIs), to measure our success. Key indicators of Deutsche Telekom’s performance include the CR KPIs shown below: CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption, and Sustainable Procurement.

Sustainable Procurement CR KPI.
Sustainable Procurement CR KPI
CO2 Emissions CR KPI.
CO2 emissions in thousands of metric tons (Changes in %, compared against 2008 base year)
CO2 Emissions CR KPI
a Minor corrections were made subsequently to total emissions (– 0.7 %) and the CO2 Emissions CR KPI –1 percentage point for 2012 due to minor adjustments to energy and fuel consumption at individual national companies and to a retroactive correction of emission factors by IEA that was relevant for individual national companies.
Energy Consumption CR KPI.a
Expressed as MPEI: electricity consumption (000 MWh)/revenue (billions of €)
Energy Consumption CR KPI
a Calculated on the basis of appropriate estimates and extrapolations.
b A minor correction was made subsequently (– 0.2 %) as a result of minor adjustments to electricity consumption in 2012 at individual national companies.