Annual Report 2013


Key Facts
Short profile
Deutsche Telekom at a glance
Selected financial data of the Group
Key data of the Group
Principal subsidiaries
The operating segments
Measuring sustainable performance
To our shareholders
Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Management
The Board of Management
Supervisory Board`s report to the 2014 shareholders` meeting
Corporate governance report
The T-Share
Management report
Overview of the 2013 financial year
Deutsche Telekom at a glance
Comparison of the Group`s expectations with actual figures
Comparison of our stakeholders’ expectations with actual figures
Highlights in the 2013 financial year
Group organization
Business activity and organization
Management and supervision
Group strategy
Management of the Group
Finance strategy
Value management and performance management system
The economic environment
Global economic development
Telecommunications market
Major regulatory decisions
Development of business in the Group
Statement of the Board of Management on business development in 2013
Results of operations of the Group
Financial position of the Group
Development of business in the operating segments
United States
System Solutions
Group Headquarters & Group Services
Development of business at Deutsche Telekom AG
Results of operations of Deutsche Telekom AG
Financial position of Deutsche Telekom AG
Risk management in hedge accounting
Corporate Responsibility
Responsibility - business model of the future
Measurable progress in sustainable development
Deutsche Telekom in society
Innovation and product development
Pioneering the digital age
Innovation culture and innovation process
Three-pronged innovation strategy
Expenditure and investment in research and development
HR strategy
Implementation of the HR strategy
HR strategy 2014
Headcount development
Workforce statistics
Significant events after the reporting period
Economic outlook
Market expectations
Statement by the Company`s management on the expected development of the Group
Expectations for the operating segments
Risk and opportunity management
Risk and opportunity management system
Risk assessment and risk containment
Risks and opportunities
Management`s assessment of the aggregate risk and opportunities position
Accounting-related internal control system
Other disclosures
Corporate Governance Statement in accordance with § 289a HGB
Closing statement by the Board of Management on the dependent company report
Legal structure of the Deutsche Telekom Group
Consolidated financial statements
Consolidated statement of financial position
Consolidated income statement
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income
Consolidated statement of changes in equity
Consolidated statement of cash flows
Notes to the consolidated financial statements
Summary of accounting policies
Notes to the consolidated statement of financial position
Notes to the consolidated income statement
Other disclosures
Responsibility statement
Independent auditor`s report
Boards, seats and further information
Members of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Telekom AG in 2013
Members of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG in 2013