Annual Report 2013

List of Graphics.

G 01T-Share as compared to DAX
G 02T-Share as compared to other European telecommunications companies
G 03Shareholder structure
G 04Geographical distribution of free float
G 05Net revenue
G 06Adjusted EBITDA
G 07Net profit/loss
G 08Equity ratio
G 09Cash capex
G 10Free cash flow (before dividend payments
G 11Net debt
G 13Results and comparison of our stakeholders’ expectations with actual figures
G 14Organizational structure
G 15“Telco Plus” corporate strategy
G 16“Leading Telco” corporate strategy
G 17Our finance strategy for 2014 through 2015
G 18Development of the unemployment rate
G 19Breakdown of revenue by region
G 20Contribution of the segments to net revenue
G 21Structure of the consolidated statement of financial position
G 22Trade and other receivables
G 23Intangible assets and property
G 24Financial liabilities
G 25Changes in net debt
G 26Changes in cash and cash equivalents
G 27Mobile customers
G 28Broadband lines
G 29Fixed-network lines
G 30TV customers (IPTV
G 31Branded postpaid customers
G 32Branded prepay customers
G 33Mobile customers
G 34Retail broadband lines
G 35Fixed-network lines
G 37Order entry
G 38Revenue
G 39External revenue
G 40Adjusted EBIT
G 41Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) CR KPI
G 42Value chain
G 43Sustainable Procurement CR KPI
G 44Energy Consumption CR KPI
G 45CO2 Emissions CR KPI
G 46Social Commitment CR KPI
G 47Deutsche Telekom’s innovations process
G 48Growth through innovation
G 49Implementation of the HR strategy
G 50Women in middle and top management
G 51The risk and opportunity management system
G 52Risk management
G 53Sample extract from the risk cockpit – economic trends
G 54Risk level
G 55Liquidity reserve and maturities in 2013 compared with 2012
G 56Age structure of plan participants in the most significant pension plans at Deutsche Telekom