Annual Report 2013


How to use the Annual report online

The online version of the Annual report offers you the complete report plus an array of additional services such as the info basket and the download center. If you would like a printed copy of the report, please click on Order Center.

Info basket
Use the info basket like a shopping basket. While you surf, fill it with individual chapters and tables from the report so that you can subsequently download or print them, either individually or collectively. Look at "View Info Basket" to see the documents you have already collected. The chapters you select will be placed in the info basket in PDF format.  Along with single file printing and download, the info basket also offers a function that compresses all the files you select to a ZIP file which you can download to your computer. To unpack the compressed file, you will need to have ZIP software installed on your computer. To use this function your browser must accept cookies.

Download Center
The Download Center offers you the complete report as well as a list of individual chapters and the most important tables. Here again, you can print and download the PDF separately or collectively.

Select personal favorites with one click. Up to five pages of the online report can be bookmarked in the right service column while surfing the report. To use this function your browser must accept cookies.

The button "complete display table" lets you get a more detailed look at very comprehensive tables – the table is highlighted, the background faded. To close the enlarged table, click the “close” button in the top right corner.

System requirements
To open the documents on your own computer, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF documents. The Acrobat Reader is available for free here.

To find a selection of free and pay ZIP programs click, for example, here.